Business Intelligence: Using Yesterday’s Data Today to Make Better Decisions Tomorrow.

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ASI Cloud single-view reporting provides actionable business insights.

As you may probably already be aware, Alchemy Systems International (ASI), has launched its Next Generation Cloud and Hosting infrastructure. Developed and built alongside technology experts from Microsoft, Citrix, IBM and Arrow ECS, the new infrastructure, known as ASI Cloud has been designed to make several key service features available to ISVs and IT Buyers.

Bringing together business intelligence analytics, software monetisation, application lifecycle management and on-demand workload management features is a differentiator that ASI believes is vital to delivering comprehensive cloud-enablement support for a growing list of ISVs and sales partners that are looking to transition their business models in line with the huge demand from IT buyers for technologies on a Software as a Service basis.

Available as a single source from the white label ASI Cloudbank ecosystem, these high value features offer ISV’s an ideal opportunity to enter the cloud market with minimum overhead. The ASI Cloudbank portal brings global vendors, ISV’s, software companies and channel partners together to deliver complementary, integrated cloud apps and bundles straight to IT customers and end users.

What does this mean to customers? How do businesses derive greater value from the growing volumes of siloed business data being generated by users? In particular, how, when properly analysed, can this data can be a valuable source of business intelligence? The big question that big data raises is how do resellers and ISVs become analytics driven to realise competitive advantage, agility in the marketplace and be more aware of emerging trends and opportunities?

If Business Intelligence is the answer, what is Business Intelligence? Business Intelligence is not a single technology-based solution; it is best described as prompt, accurate, valuable, and actionable business insights, and the processes and technologies that are utilised to obtain them. The Business Intelligence feature delivered by the ASI Cloud infrastructure enables businesses to gain these actionable insights by analysing unstructured or semi-structured data, pulled from internal or external silos and sources.

This ability to analyse data enables businesses to augment – or even to replace/centralise their entire reporting capabilities within a single view. The ability to tag, index, report on and act on all manner of data enables those businesses to make better decisions and to define better IT strategies.

Business intelligence has become a pre-requisite in the modern digital world for any management team. ASI Cloud utilises a combination of BI24 methodology and the HDInsight tools available through the Microsoft Azure platform to extract important data from internal, external, relational and non-relational sources within an organisation. Agile analytics provide a real context to everyday activities and by leveraging these tool kits, ASI Cloud enables businesses of all sizes provide for short, mid and long-term plans.

Providing this capability to Software partners, sales partners and IT Buyers within a catalogue of SaaS services and augmented capabilities, further differentiates the ASI Cloud value-add proposition, in an increasingly congested, me too cloud market place.

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