ASI-CloudBank is a portal ecosystem that brings global vendors, ISV’s and channel partners together to deliver complementary, integrated cloud apps and bundles straight to IT customers and end users.

ASI-CloudBank for Sales Partners

The ASI-CloudBank contains a range of proven business applications, products and cloud services from multiple vendors that add value to existing reseller products and services, made available to IT customers and buyers. Find applications, products and services and bundle them into solutions, or combine them with your own built or OEM applications, for delivery to IT customers.

This means partners like you can add value and differentiate your cloud and hybrid solutions quickly and easily. ASI-CloudBank is available to ASI-Cloud Partners and IT Customers, providing:

  • Access to a large range of complementary apps, products and services for the cloud
  • The ability to create bundles to form solutions for your customers
  • The ability to deliver these solutions under a single service level
  • The ability to provide sub partners, agents and customers with the capability to self-serve specific apps, bundles, products and services
  • Full compliance with licences and contracts as part of the ASI-CloudBank provisioning process
  • Complete sales enablement & support for taking ASI-CloudBank solutions to your customers

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ASI-CloudBank for Software Partners

ASI-CloudBank is designed for global Vendors, ISV’s and distributors to deliver products, bundles and promotions through an established channel of Sales Partners to IT Customers.  ASI-CloudBank delivers effective and profitable routes to market, keeping control over how your products are accessed. ASI-CloudBank enables Software Partners to sell products as part of a bundle; either with other products from your stable, or alongside those of other Vendors, to create specific solutions for cloud or hybrid platforms.

  • Ecosystem for route to target market
  • Keep control of pricing, terms, licences and customers
  • Bundle other cloud ready apps with yours for specific cloud solutions
  • Access knowledge and support

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ASI-CloudBank for IT Customers

ASI-CloudBank helps IT customers and buyers take advantage of the latest cloud applications (such as Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, Sage, or Lync etc), by finding a channel partner with suitable experience and with the complementary products and services that may also be needed . When you work with an ASI-cloud Partner, you can tap into the extensive range of cloud-based product bundles, support and knowledge-bases available through the ASI-CloudBank portal.

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