Mail Defender

ASI-Cloud email security strategies protect businesses from the ever increasing threat of viruses and spam. Our cloud and hybrid email solution is built using MailDefender; customers benefit from enterprise protection from all email borne threats without investing in hardware, software or ongoing maintenance.

  • Anti-spam filters reduce unwanted emails & prevent links to compromised websites
  • Provides valuable protection from phishing attacks and zero-day threats
  • Simple web interface for managing policies, rules & reports

MailDefender checks for specific keywords and spam-like terms within an incoming email. The solution also checks for unwanted character sets and can even be used to block email in foreign characters; it also quarantines even unknown viruses and SPAM before it reaches the local network.

  • Internet level solution
  • Safe, secure & effective
  • Automatic updates
  • Easy management
  • No downtime
  • Scalable to business needs

ASI-Cloud strategies for protecting and managing cloud and hybrid email systems improve user productivity by letting you create your own spam definitions and levels of filtering, and by allowing specific staff members to access and release quarantined mail in a secure mail area. Optional management reports help maintain security by providing email statistics for identifying email borne virus hotspots.

ASI-cloud customers also benefit from:

  • Technical Support & knowledge bases
  •  Professional Services – Cloud Strategy, Migration & Project Management
  •  Access to ASI-CloudBank – Share, develop & deliver apps, bundles & other cloud or hybrid solutions

Manage and protect your corporate emails with an ASI-Cloud solution.


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