Web Defender

ASI-Cloud web protection solutions provide valuable Internet protection and management capabilities to businesses with a workforce that relies heavily on the Internet. Managing your corporate usage with WebDefender will help prevent:

  • Viruses and phishing threats
  • Staff productivity & bandwidth issues
  • Inappropriate content downloads
  • Liability and reputation damage

ASI-Cloud solutions don’t require the installation of any software or appliances; built using the WebDefender solution as a service, Internet usage can be managed at all times. You’ll benefit from:

  • Web browser management at user level
  • Control over roaming laptop users
  • Manages & blocks of unwanted apps like Instant Messaging
  • Detailed, customisable reporting options

The easy to use management portal lets you monitor Internet usage right down to user level and adjust users’ Internet access when necessary. WebDefender prevents infection from malicious software whilst improving users’ productivity and overall network performance.

ASI-cloud customers also benefit from:

  • Technical Support & knowledge bases
  • Professional Services – Cloud Strategy, Migration & Project Management
  • Access to ASI-CloudBank – Share, develop & deliver apps, bundles & other cloud or hybrid solutions

Manage and protect your corporate Internet with an ASI-Cloud web security solution.


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