ASI-Cloud and the ASI-CloudBank portal ecosystem deliver solutions for our sales and software partners, and for IT customers.

Sales Partners

Our Sales Partner program enables resellers to become a trusted cloud services provider to their customers without investing heavily in infrastructure, sales training or marketing campaigns. By rebranding our white label cloud consulting and solutions bundles, Sales Partners can transition to cloud services easily, differentiate from traditional reseller models and generate high value, recurring revenue streams.

  • Rapid transition to Cloud Reseller
  • Easily aligning existing products and services with cloud enabled bundles and services
  • Training sales teams and going to market with cloud services
  • Generating high value, sustainable recurring revenues

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Software Partners

Our Software Partner programs helps vendors and ISV’s gain access to application lifecycle management and cloud enablement of software and products. Partners can enjoy a rapid time to market and access to resellers and end user customers that demand software as a service capability.

  • Accessing reseller partner community
  • Aligning software with complementary products and services
  • Testing, developing and cloud enabling LOB and vertical market software and products

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IT Customers

The ASI-CloudBank is a portal ecosystem that provides IT customers with access to channel partners, integrated applications, bundles and services. Customers that migrate their infrastructure, business services and applications to a cloud or hybrid platform significantly reduce IT costs and increase productivity in an increasingly mobile workplace..

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